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What purpose do you wish for your sculpture to serve? Is it purely decorative or for the purpose of serving food or drinks? Will it celebrate a guest of honor, convey a theme or simply enhance decor?

Size & Placement

A properly planned ice sculpture display needs to be sized appropriately to the environment it is in. An ice sculpture display that is the main centerpiece for a large ballroom or convention space needs to be grand and effective. Other smaller or more intimate spaces should be scaled down to fit the environment.


Budget is always a good point to consider from the very beginning. We offer a wide range of price points for our services. Some single block display packages start as low as the $500 range, while other larger and more complex events can cost considerably more. Our event coordinators can help you understand the various price points to pinpoint the appropriate sculptures for your event.


Over two and a half decades, we have designed sculptures for just about any event imaginable. We have thousands of sculpture designs in a wide array of styles, sizes and price points. If you have something different in mind, our design department can turn your thoughts into the perfect personalized centerpiece for your event.

Where To Go From Here

Contact our sales department at 610-239-1299. Our event coordinators have decades of experience and an efficient, comprehensive approach in pairing the perfect sculpture display with your event.

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Orders are not confirmed or finalized until verbal confirmation has been made with our sales office.