Delivery / Breakdown


For Timed Delivery with Set Up:

On-time temperature controlled deliveries are one of our closely held values. As a general rule of thumb, we arrive at events 1.5 hours prior to your guest arrival and are set 45 minutes prior to your guest arrival. This allows your sculpture to temper and glisten as well as ensuring our service personnel is not seen by your guests. For larger displays and ice bars, more time is needed; appropriate timing will be reflected in the contract.

For Freezer Drop Delivery:

Sculpture will be delivered to your freezer at least one business day prior to the event, often times more depending on our delivery schedule, for your staff to set up when needed.

End of Event Breakdown:

For most retail and wholesale sales, end of event breakdown is not part of our services. It is usually handled by the event or facilities staff.

For larger displays such as ice bars and multiple block sculptures, breakdown will be called out as a separate line item in the contract. If it is not stated separately in the contract, it is not handled by Ice Concepts.

When we are contracted for end of event breakdown, any timing extensions that are granted to the event which cause our breakdown staff to wait will incur additional charges.