Over the past 15 years we have had the fortunate opportunity to work with so many accomplished designers, hotels, catering facilities, decorators, private clubs, meeting and event planners, marketing companies and individuals planning their own events. Here it is, over 15 years later, and we still sell to most of the same clientele that we started with plus many, many more.

We have also been a part of many large scale, high profile productions such as:

  • World Ice Championships, Fairbanks, Alaska 2009
  • World Ice Championships, Fairbanks, Alaska 2007
  • Prince Charles Gala Dinner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2007
  • Winter Olympic Games, Torino, Italy, 2006
  • Superbowl XXXVIII, Houston, Texas 2005
  • Governor Rendell Inaugural Dinner, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 2003
  • Winterlude Festival Masters Competition, Ontario, Canada 2003
  • Winter Olympic Games, Salt Lake City, Utah 2002
  • Governor Jeb Bush Inaugural Dinner, Tampa, Florida 1999
  • Final Four Basketball tournament, Tampa, Florida 1998

  • Our unique combination of talent, experience, personnel, and equipment has been our recipe for long term and ongoing success of our operation without ever taking our eyes off of the primary goal. "Producing the finest quality ice sculpture and service possible."